How To find Someone's Email Address Using Facebook

Published: 02nd November 2010
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Use social networks to find someone's email address

How do you usually get someone's email address? It's most likely that the person told you what it was when you asked them. If you are lucky and you work in the same organization then you should be able to look up the address in your corporate address book. But what happens if none of the above are true? Do you know how to find someone's email address when you have no other way of contacting them? You don't have to register an email address when you create one so it can be difficult and often impossible to find if you don't learn a few tricks for when you need to.

Because finding an email address for someone can be very difficult I always suggest to people that ask, that they try searching for it with a web site that specializes in collecting and recording email details. These web sites, loosely called email tracers, spend all their time creating the email directory that you need to find the addresses you want. Unfortunately they can't possibly have every single address in their database no matter how hard they try so you should to know about other ways of searching. The one i'm going to talk about here uses Facebook.

Who doesn't have a Facebook account yet?

Social networking web sites are great for keeping in touch with people and because so many people use them they can be a good way to find people too. At the time of writing the most popular of the social networks is Facebook so I will show you how to use FB to find an email address for someone.

There are almost as many users of FB today as there are users of email. In fact you may even know of people who have FB accounts but do not use email at all. When everyone that you know uses Facebook there is no need of email at all sometimes. If you are not on FB already then get yourself an account so that you can use the "Find Friend" feature to find and contact the person that you are searching for.

Log in to Facebook and click "Find Friends". Type the persons name who you are looking for and click "People" in the menu. You should see a list of matches appear. You might get a lot of matches depending on how common a name you are looking for but most people have pictures loaded so it's often not difficult to find the right person.

When you have found the person that you are looking for you can then send them a private message by clicking the link by their name. The site will not show you persons email address but you can ask the person to send it to you in your message. Remember to be polite at all times when emailing and messaging people. You don't want to offend anyone.

Facebook can be great but it's not foolproof

Not absolutely everyone is on FB unfortunately and many that are do not want to be contacted by anyone who happens to look them up so they may have set their options to stop this happening. If you don't see a link to send them a message you can ask them to be your friend or you can hunt for one of their friends who does allow messages and try and contact your person through them.

This is why you should always try a specialist tracer web site first when looking for email addresses. It can potentially save you a lot of time.

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